African Mystique

African Mystique at Evelyn College

At our shop on the premises of the Lavington campus, we offer for sale designs created by our students. We called the shop ‘African Mystique’.

Here, we sell garments, bags, materials and clothing with African designs.

African Mystique Ltd are also stockists of quality African inspired prints from Vlisco Holland. Vlisco is the leading producer of wax prints popularly sold in West Africa for over 100 years.  Our aim is to supply quality fabrics to the discerning lady and gentleman.

We stock Wax Block, Java, Woodin, Uniwax and also GTP all in 6 yards and 4 yards. We also cut the pieces at a minimum of 2 yards. Prices start at Kshs 1600/= per 2 yards piece and up depending on the type of fabric.

Come on over and visit us!