Higher Diploma in Design

  1. Fashion Design


A comprehensive Fashion Design programme can be studied at Evelyn College of Design. The programme prepares students for immediate employment or further studies within the fashion industry. Our two and a half year full time Fashion Design qualification is specially designed to develop a breadth of understanding of the entire fashion industry and to provide a broad foundation for students from which they can determine which branch of the industry their personal talents are most suited. At ECD we believe that we have created a unique educational offering that will arm a whole new generation of students with the skill and capability to pursue a successful career in the fashion industry.

Creating fashion doesn’t just entail a vivid imagination and instinct for creativity. It also involves many
decisions and myriad techniques, focused on a central idea. Evelyn’s Fashion Design course builds a strong, foundation in terms of design sense, conceptualization, independent research, creative application and individual artistic expression.
Fashion design runs the gamut from evening wear to sportswear, women’s wear to menswear, and kids wear to knitwear. Students are asked to choose their area of interest and sharpen their creative ideas. Students are also introduced to various historic fashion and art movements as exemplars and how these influence contemporary fashion. This is the very reason why fashion houses, designer labels, luxury brands, apparel retail brands and ready-to-wear fashion industries seek our students.


  • Fashion Designers
  • Fashion Stylists & Coordinators
  • Product Developers in Design Merchandising
  • Creative Pattern Makers
  • Fashion Illustrators
  • Costume Designers


2) Interior Design


Duration 2 ½ years

A comprehensive Interior Design course can be studied at Evelyn College of Design. Our 2 and a half year Interior Design course introduce students to the design process, basic design vocabulary and various presentation skills and techniques. Through a series of projects and activities, students are able to identify the various aspects of Interior Design to which they personally respond. We believe, we have created a foundation in the basic principles and elements of design in order to develop a non- verbal design language, visual logic and fluency of expression. Considering design in its widest possible context as making a contribution to an improved world and a student’s individual potential to be of service.

Interior Design involves the application of creative and technical expertise to an interior environment to enhance the quality of human life. The canvas is multidisciplinary and multidimensional; covering art, architecture, technology, furniture, lighting, materials, products, cultural anthropology, social science, professional practice, etc.
The Interior Architecture Design course at Evelyn College aims to nourish minds with a spirit of inquiry,
sensitivity and responsibility, and empower them to create harmonious interior spaces, which reflect a
balance of individual aspirations, aesthetics, sustainability, function and commercial viability. The course
inculcates professionalism, design excellence, ethics and critical appraisal keeping in mind the ascending
levels of subject complexity in a progressive manner.
The Course helps to develop an understanding of the functioning of the Interior Design industry within the overall context of residential and commercial interior spaces and envisages an integral experience to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to be employed at the entry level in one’s career.


  1. Interior  Design
  2. Interior Renovation
  3. Interior Design Practice & Consultancy
  4. Interior Design Entrepreneurship
  5. Interior Design Education & Research


3) Graphic Design

Duration 2 ½ years

Graphic design is a rapidly evolving profession. As print, screen and interactive media converge and new technologies emerge, designers must be competent visual communicators who can work across a multitude of platforms, designing content for the medium that best meet their clients’ needs.

From traditional print to digital media and motion graphics, communication designers work with color, language, space, sound and spatial forums.
The course enables the development of the creative, critical and technical skills necessary to pursue a career within today’s ever evolving Graphic design disciplines across a wide range of industry sectors.
The structure of the course is flexible enough to allow students to undertake a broad cross-disciplinary path of study or alternatively specialize in graphics, illustration or photography. Students are supported in both creativity and independent thought within a studio environment. Emphasis is placed on critical thinking, professionalism, team working and the development of core practical and technical skills.
This is done via design projects that explore narrative and the communication of central, social and current affairs that often shape our perceptions of modern culture.


  1. Advertising Agencies
  2. Graphic Design Studios
  3. Art Direction
  4. Brand Design and Strategy
  5. Newspaper, Magazine and Book Design
  6. Multidisciplinary Design Studios
  7. Corporate Communication


Application Procedure


Eligibility: Applicants should have completed and successfully obtained at least an “O” level qualification or its equivalent.

Selection Procedure: Aptitude test, academic background and personal interviews.

Application procedure:  Application forms can be acquired from the college office for Ksh 5000 along with the prospectus. Filled in forms should be deposited in the college office by the stipulated date.

Hostel Facilities
We have spacious accommodation at our hostel within our college campus. We are located in an exclusive part of Lavington in serene and quiet surroundings, less than ½ a kilometres from the nearest bus stop and in a secure, guarded compound.