Interior Design


A comprehensive Interior Design course can be studied at Evelyn College of Design. Our 2 and a half year Interior Design course introduce students to the design process, basic design vocabulary and various presentation skills and techniques. Through a series of projects and activities, students are able to identify the various aspects of Interior Design to which they personally respond. We believe, we have created a foundation in the basic principles and elements of design in order to develop a non- verbal design language, visual logic and fluency of expression. Considering design in its widest possible context as making a contribution to an improved world and a student’s individual potential to be of service.


Interior Design involves the application of creative and technical expertise to an interior environment to enhance the quality of human life. The canvas is multidisciplinary and multidimensional; covering art, architecture, technology, furniture, lighting, materials, products, cultural anthropology, social science, professional practice, etc.

The Interior Architecture Design course at Evelyn College aims to nourish minds with a spirit of inquiry, sensitivity and responsibility, and empower them to create harmonious interior spaces, which reflect a balance of individual aspirations, aesthetics, sustainability, function and commercial viability. The course inculcates professionalism, design excellence, ethics and critical appraisal keeping in mind the ascending levels of subject complexity in a progressive  manner.

The Course helps to develop an understanding of the functioning of the Interior Design industry within the overall context of residential and commercial interior spaces and envisages an integral experience to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to be employed at the entry level in one’s career.


  • Interior Design
  • Interior Renovation
  • Interior Design Practice & Consultancy
  • Interior Design Entrepreneurship
  • Interior Design Education & Research