Certificate Courses

Evelyn College offers Certificate courses in the following areas.

  1. Advance Certificate in Real Estate Management


Duration: 6 months

Kenyan economy is growing at a rapid pace and this development has gradually revolutionized the real estate industry. The real estate leaders have to constantly seize new opportunities to grow their business ventures by maximizing asset values. The housing boom spurred by the requirements of office space and residential apartments is likely to pick up steam over the next few years and reach a new high by 2020. With the meteoric growth in the Real Estate sector during the last few years, property and real estate business has transformed to become more complex in structure and international in scope.

Evelyn College of Design in collaboration with ILEAD (India) launches the first ever course in Real Estate Management. In the program, you will discover ways to lead your real estate organization through periods of market and industry change, examine land valuation and market demand, and manage projects across vendors, suppliers, and capital sources. iLEAD, Kolkata, with the support of CREDAI (Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Association of India) Bengal and in colaboration with Jadavpur University,Kolkata offers the first ever well-structured Real Estate Management program in India.

Who should attend: This course is for anyone who wants to learn the nuances of the Real Estate industry- lawyers, architects, student’s even investors.

iLEAD has also entered into an agreement with the Clovin Institute of Real Estate Development at the University of Maryland, USA for exchange of curriculum, participants and faculty members. This course will cover several areas of the real estate business, including finance, marketing, and project management.

Course Objective:

The objective of the course is to impart specific real estate knowledge and expertise to investors, realtors, promoters, real estate brokers, financial advisors, bank officials, tax planners and entrepreneurs among others associated with the real estate industry. The course has been designed to develop trained professional Managers equipped with the requisite skills in planning & operations, market analysis, site acquisition, due diligence, zoning & site planning, building design, construction, financing and leasing. Participants will also be encouraged to diagnose and solve real estate management problems, understand approval & sanction process, acquire consultancy skills, and learn how to manage real estate projects and investments.


Part Time Course in Photography


Duration: 3 months 3 days in a week

Do you have a passion to observe things? Do you feel that you have a unique way of imagining and interpreting things around you? If capturing pictures to make the image extraordinary is your dream then photography is the right career for you. Photography, an art form that requires a good eye and aesthetic sense, backed by technical expertise has traditionally been viewed more as a hobby than a serious profession, but it does go beyond the act of simply “taking a picture”. Prospects include employment in portrait and commercial studios, newspapers, magazines, television companies, broadcast companies, advertising agencies, and much more. Blending art and aesthetic can prove to be an extremely satisfying, and at the same time, a lucrative career. The course is suited for anyone who wants to take photography as a hobby or a career choice.

Course Objective:

ECD has introduced a modular course on Photography covering everything from fundamentals to specialized photography. This is a flexible course, and separate modules can be selected according to the areas of interest. The course is designed to impart creativity and knowledge regarding the techniques of photography and composition as well as to inculcate in the students an appreciation of visual arts. Emphasis is also given to photography & post-production, so that students can benefit to a great extent.

No. Course Content
1 History & Basics of Photography / Know Your Camera
2 Shutter Speed F/stop
3 Depth of Field, Aperture, ISO
4 Composition & Visualization
5 Outdoor Shoot/Indoor Shoot : Fashion, Portrait Photography, Nature Photography, Wildlife Photography
6 Critical Evaluation/Image Processing
7 Basic Processing of raw pictures
8 Adjustment using Photoshop
9 Presentations & Exhibitions


Other Part time courses are:-

  1. Pattern Drafting and Garment Construction
  2. Interior Design
  3. Textile Design
  4. Jewellery Design
  5. Fine Art and Oil Painting
  6. Glass Engraving

The duration of the part time courses is 3/6 months with weekly classes.
We also offer customised training programs for industry professionals who wish to upgrade their skills.